Heroes: Nifl vs. Muspell Voting Gauntlet + Banner

Welcome to another Fire Emblem Heroes news update! Today sees the release of a Summoning Focus in preparation for the upcoming Voting Gauntlet.

The is another two-Hero focus banner, featuring Helbindi and Laegjarn of Muspell. The banner ends on the 10th of December, 6:59AM UTC.

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Cipher S15 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, More Poster Cards, & Comiket Sneak Peak!

Welcome to another weekly showcase of news and cards for Fire Emblem Cipher! We’ve got a full week of reveals this time around, starting off with a three card panorama of Est, Catria, and Palla! Not only are the Whitewings all together in their promoted Dracoknight class, these special R+ variants are each signed by their Japanese VAs!

@fecipher also revealed two additional SRs so far this week. The first goes to Altena, princess of Leonster. Oddly enough, she is wielding both Gáe Bolg and Gungnir in her SR card, even though she cannot canonically wield the latter. Clarisse from New Mystery also makes her Cipher debut with a gorgeous SR by Mayo. You can see both women with both their SRs and unpromoted Cost 1 cards below.

The final reveals of the week also contain foil cards, this time Rs. Leo joins his siblings with an unpromoted Cost 1 card and a promoted R foil. Elise is the only Nohrian sibling who has not had her R card revealed yet. Seliph also appears as an R card this set. He is the final revealed R card in the yellow block of S15.

The official Cipher website has also updated with a new Cipher Frontier Column! This time around, the Cipher mascots were discussing Cipher’s booth at the upcoming Comiket 95. As usual, the Cipher booth will host a wide variety of Fire Emblem Merchandise.

We’ll post up another article with full merchandise information once we have all the details. In the meantime, scroll down to take a look at the few Comiket promo cards that have been fully revealed. We also have a few more poster cards down below as well!

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“Fire Emblem Expo” Coming to Japan on 4th May 2019

Grab your diaries! Intelligent Systems has announced Fire Emblem Expo, an event to be held at Zepp Tokyo in Japan on 4th May 2019.

Curiously, no details have been provided–instead, information about the event will be relayed via the upcoming Cipher Livestream on 8th December 2018. Additionally, tickets will go on sale from 18:00 (Japan time), 28th December 2018.

Although Intelligent Systems have organised Fire Emblem events in the past, they have mostly been concerts or focused on Cipher. Judging from the banner that features silhouettes of various heroes, this appears to be the first general Fire Emblem event, so who knows what they’ll show off.

Since the first details about the event will be provided via Cipher, there’s a decent chance that Cipher will be well represented during the event. Perhaps they’ll showcase some of the new merchandise–both announced and unannounced–and maybe even Three Houses? But that’s just a complete guess!

Heroes: Legendary Heroes: Hríd Banner & Battle + Forging Bonds!

The latest Legendary Hero has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can now summon the final royal of Nifl: Hríd: Icy Blade in the Legendary Heroes: Hríd Banner. Check out our earlier article for a look at his trailer and skill breakdown.

11 other 5★ exclusive heroes will also be available this banner alongside Hríd: Laevateinn, Legendary Ryoma, Summer Cordelia, Brave Hector, Legendary Lucina, Female Kana, Summer Innes, Gunnthra, Legendary Female Robin, Summer Noire, and Nina. Best of luck summoning the heroes you most desire!

If you need a few more Orbs for this banner, Heroes has you covered. You can earn another 9 Orbs in Hríd’s Legendary Hero Battle! The Legendary Battles for Lucina, Ryoma, and Female Robin are also back as well, if you still haven’t completed all of those. Beat the Infernal level of all four battles to unlock Abyssal and more Gold Accessories!

Additionally, one more event is starting in Heroes today: Forging Bonds: The Sworn Oath. It features the four singlings of Nifl: Fjorm, Gunnthrá, Ylgr, and Hríd. It seems to take place before the events of Book II, and starts off with Ylgr having a strange dream…

Battle through the maps to raise Friendship will all four heroes and learn more of their story! You’ll also earn Orbs, Accessories, and other prizes along the way. Check out our earlier article for more details.

This edition of Forging Bonds will last for two weeks like usual, ending on 12 December.