Heroes: Fallen Delthea’s Grand Hero Battle

Starting today, a sinister and familiar foe awaits in Heroes: Delthea – Tatarrah’s Puppet.

This possessed version of Delthea can be challenged in a new set of Grand Hero Battles via Special Maps.

She carries an exclusive tome, Death, which boosts her combat stats by 4 and inflicts 4 damage to herself. Plus Death Blow 3 (unlocked at 5-star) and Even Atk Wave 3.

No matter how you spin it, she’s a potent force and well worth recruiting. But be careful where you point this killing machine…

You have until the rollover on 20th May to try and tame her.

Heroes: New Event Calendar for May & June!

The latest Event Calendar for May & June is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Check it out below.

The new calendar is chock full of lots of goodies, including a new Bridal-themed Special Heroes banner coming out soon on 21 May. We’ll also be getting the old Bridal banners back, as well as a probably Bride-themed Tempest Trials. The end of May will also be bringing a new Mythic Hero. The next New Heroes will be coming on 11 June.

Click on the Read More button below for a full text breakdown of the whole calendar.

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Three Houses: Japanese Official Site & New Character Profiles (Part 2)

Today, Nintendo opened the Japanese official website for Three Houses. If you’ve been following the game, there isn’t a lot of new information, but we’ll take a closer look anyway!

On the top (front) page, the artwork of the Three House leaders from the boxart is displayed. You may have noticed Claude isn’t upside down. Near the top, there’s the option to turn on the BGM, which plays the music from the first trailer.

Below this is a basic description about the game–what kind of game it is, etc. If you’re reading this, you probably know how Fire Emblem plays like. Behind the description is the artwork from the Japanese Fódlan collection.

For your convenience, you can find all the featured artwork at the end of this article.

Further down is the product specifications. In case you were wondering, the game is single-player only and supports a variety of controller schemes, but does not support a single Joy-con (held horizontally like a NES controller).


Moving on, the Introduction page contains stuff you’d probably expect. There’s a summary of the story and the three nations of Fódlan, which we learned way back during the first trailer and also in the second trailer.

There’s also a summary of the Church of Seiros and Garreg-Mach Monastery, which are sort of new, but nothing entirely unexpected. Still, I’ve translated the text below.

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Cipher News Updates: S16 Promos, S17 Sleeves & Art + Spring Livestream Details!

Fire Emblem Cipher news has been a bit slow since the release of Series 16. However, we have gotten a few tidbits of information over the past couple weeks, including a full look at some new S16 Promos!

First up is Lucina, whose art was revealed earlier. This special promo was given to attendees of the recent FE Expo in Japan. The art is by Mayo and is a special callback to her earlier Marth artwork for the Anniversary Concert promo card.

The second card is a special card for Deirdre drawn by Rika Suzuki. Two copies of this promo will be included in Suzuki’s upcoming artbook. Furthermore, @FEcipher has confirmed that this is an alternate art reprint of a new Deirdre card from S17.

Speaking of S17, we do have some news from the upcoming set as well, including a look at the set’s sleeves! The four sleeve designs for this set are for: Marth, Ayra, Lucina, and Female Corrin.

Marth’s and Ayra’s sleeves use their new S17 art, while Lucina and Corrin use their special summer art from last year’s Comiket promos. You can pre-order them on AmiAmi.

Furthermore, magazines in Japan give us another glimpse at S17’s artwork! Not all of these pieces are new, but some are, such as Kaden. Thanks to AuroraSkye for the photograph.

Finally, we now have a timeline for more S17 news thanks to the announcement for the Spring 2019 Cipher Livesteam! Michihiko Hagi (VA for Ike) and Eri Suzuki (VA for Soleil, Delthea, and Emma) will be joining as guests. The stream will air on 25 May live over NicoNico and YouTube. Check the official site for more details.

As such, this also implies that S17 daily reveals will be starting earlier than week on 20 May! Get ready!