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Dragalia Lost: Fire Emblem Heroes Crossover Returns on 19th April & New Event in Late April!

Last year, Dragalia Lost–a mobile game developed by Cygames and Nintendo–had a big crossover event with Fire Emblem Heroes.

During Dragalia Lost’s 1 and a half year anniversary video, it was announced that the FEH crossover event would be returning on 19th April (or 20th April depending on your time zone), which is just in time for Fire Emblem’s 30th anniversary!

To celebrate the re-run, the four Fire Emblem Adventurers introduced last year (Fjorm, Marth, Alfonse and Veronica) will receive unlocked Mana Spirals. Upgrading their Mana Spirals will increase their maximum Level and improve their stats and abilities.

There was also one more surprise… In addition to the re-run, there will be a second, brand new crossover event, coming later in April. At the moment, there are no further details, but if the first crossover was anything to go by, it’s gonna be worth the wait!

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Dragalia Lost: “Fire Emblem Lost Heroes” Event Now Available!

Starting today, the world of Fire Emblem Heroes is crossing over to Dragalia Lost, for a limited time event! While the event is running, players can obtain Alfonse for free and try to summon Marth, Fjorm and Veronica (all 5-star Adventurers).

Similar to the new Hero trailers for Heroes, Nintendo has uploaded a trailer outlining the abilities of the Adventurers that you can summon. You can also read about them further down this article.

Marth, Fjorm and Veronica will be available from the “Lost Heroes” summon showcase until the event ends after the daily rollover on 14th May 2019. After that, they will be removed from the summoning pool until further notice.

To give players a helping hand, there’s also a “Platinum Showcase” available by swapping tabs. This is a special type of summon showcase where you can spend 1200 Diamantium (premium currency) to perform a tenfold summon (ten summons in a row) with the tenth summon guaranteed to be Marth, Fjorm or Veroinica.

Players can only perform a specific Platinum Showcase once and be aware that there’s no guarantee that you won’t get a duplicate Adventurer if you already have at least one of the three.

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Dragalia Lost: “Fire Emblem Lost Heroes” Trailer

Tomorrow is a huge day for Dragalia Lost for many reasons, but for us Fire Emblem fans, the most important thing is probably the collaboration event with Fire Emblem Heroes! Ahead of the event, Nintendo has uploaded a new trailer with further details.

Last week, it was confirmed that Alfonse would be joining the game as a free 5-star Adventurer (Sword; Light-attuned). In addition, a new type of game mode inspired by Fire Emblem–Defensive Battles–would be added.

The trailer reveals that Marth (from Shadow Dragon etc.), Fjorm (from Fire Emblem Heroes Book II) and Veronica (from Fire Emblem Heroes Book I) will also be making appearances. That’s not all, as the voluptuous trickster, Loki seems to be crashing the party as well…

Right now, outside of Alfonse, it’s not 100% confirmed if the Fire Emblem characters will be available to summon or obtain via the event. Hopefully they are available though (or at least Marth, Fjorm and Veronica), or it’d be a tease of immense proportions!

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Alfonse confirmed for Dragalia Lost crossover!

This morning, the official Dragalia Lost website released more details on the Dragalia Lost × Fire Emblem Heroes event, titled Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes!

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Alfonse is the first character from Heroes to be revealed in the crossover, and will be the first 5-star freebie within Dragalia! He’s an attack-type unit who uses swords and is of the Light element (weak to – and strong against – Dark element characters).

Alfonse will be given out to all players who participate in the upcoming event. You must include him as part of your attacking team to raise your friendship with him. Once your friendship is maxed during the event’s duration, he will become a permanent addition to your roster, staying with you even after the event ends!

As for the event itself… Defensive Battles are a new game mode where you must work together with your allies to defend your castle gate against hordes of enemies.

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The event is slated to begin after the 3:00am UTC maintenance on the 26th of April, and will come to a close on the 14th of May, 5:59am UTC.

If there’s any more information revealed before the event begins, we’ll be sure to cover it here. You can check out the official source of this news update here: