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Heroes: GHB Revival – Kana, Next Season’s Arena Bonus Heroes revealed, Heroic Feats Round 2 begins, and more!

It’s the weekend and I’d rather be in bed, but here, have another Fire Emblem Heroes news update!

Top of the news post today is the reappearance of Kana, in the Grand Hero Battle Revival – Kana: Dragon Spawn. If you missed out on obtaining any copies of him during his original run, here’s your opportunity to grab him. Defeating Hard difficulty will net you a 3-Star Kana, while Lunatic and Infernal difficulties both grant a 4-Star Kana each. Completing Infernal gives you an additional 2,000 Feathers.

Since this is a GHB Revival, there are now Quests available where you may earn Orbs and 3-Star Kana for completing them! This GHB Revival ends on the 18th of October, 6:59AM UTC. Claw up all the rewards before time runs out.

Next Arena season’s bonus Heroes have been revealed. They include: Legendary Young Tiki, Halloween Kagero, Halloween Myrrh, Halloween Mia, Halloween Niles, Halloween Dorcas (upcoming Tempest Trials+ reward), Saias, Legion, Lon’Qu, and Alfonse.

Raise any Bonus Heroes you may have and defeat enemies with them to earn up to 60 extra Arena points to your total Arena score (3 points per enemy defeated with a Bonus Hero).

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Heroes: New Tap Battle – Illusory Dungeon: Heir of Light

Tap Battle has reset for another month, so too has the the rewards! Illusory Dungeon: Heir of Light begins today and lasts until 11th of November at 6:59AM UTC.

Day 1 of the event kicks off with floors 1-40 being available, and 20 floors a day will become available from day 2 onwards, until all 100 floors are unlocked and playable. For every level (5 floors) completed, you will be rewarded with Orbs, various materials, and accessories. Read more

Heroes: Next Event Calendar, Tempest Trials+, New Banner and Heroic Feats

If you’re paying attention to social media, you’ll know that the new Tempest Trials+: Familiar Faces is coming soon. How might you know this? Well sure, the announcements hinted at it, but there’s also the new Event Calendar that’s been posted, covering expected activity until late November.


Additionally, the next Tempest Trials+ 40%  bonus units have been revealed. These units will all receive an EXP and SP boost (x2).

What is a bit strange is the specific mention of Myrrh: Great Dragon being announced to be part of a summoning event. The Calendar mentions an incoming Bound Hero Battle, featuring Myrrh and Ephraim, so we can assume that this is why. Regardless of the semantics, our Bonus Units for the next TT+ include the aforementioned Myrrh: Great Dragon, all of the now-available seasonal unit variants (Kagero, Mia, Myrrh and Niles) and the base versions of Mia and Dorcas.

This, of course, means that a new Summoning Focus, Tempest Trials+ is available, and it features the original Dorcas, Mia and Myrrh units.

This, as well as the TT+, will be running from October 14 until October 24, and promises Dorcas: Pumpkin Smasher (a green axe armor), and the Brazen Atk/Res + Darting Stance Sacred Seals.

That’s not all, because the first Heroic Feats event is now upon us. If the entirety of the Heroes community can collectively accumulate ten million deployments of a Fury user, then a nice reward is in it for Summoners. As of right now, until the next day rollover, Fury deployment points are doubled, for this event. Super cool!

Wrapping things up, includes a new Tactics Drills. Don’t pass these feathers up!

There’s a lot to keep us busy during October, so get those Tempest teams ready and best of luck!

Heroes: New Three Heroes Quests, and Heroic Feats Round 1 begins!

Today in Fire Emblem Heroes, it is the beginning of new Three Heroes Quests, featuring Tiki (Adult), Clarine, and Odin.

These quests will give you the opportunity to earn a three-star neutral copy of each of these Heroes, as well as 6 Orbs. The quests are available from today, and disappear on the 22nd of October, 6:59AM UTC.

Round 1 of he previously revealed Heroic Feats begins today!

If all players culminate a total of 10 million uses of Heroes with Fury 1, 2, or 3 equipped, everyone will receive a four-star neutral copy of Hinata! You can send multiple Heroes with Fury (even multiples of the same Hero) into battle and they will all count towards the goal. Gather up your Furious Heroes and use them as much as you can in your daily Heroes endeavours to help reach the goal! If you still have October’s monthly quests to complete, there would be a good place to start.

Also worthy of mention: This is only round 1 of Heroic Feats. There will be 4 rounds in total, as suggested by this Tweet from the Official NoA Twitter. Keep your eyes open for news on who will be our free Heroes in future rounds. Round 1 ends on the 12th of October, 6:59AM UTC.