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Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert Report

On 24th and 25th July 2015, Nintendo held a Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary concert event, dubbed “25th Anniversary of Love and Courage: Fire Emblem Festival”, at Tokyo Dome City Hall.


While I didn’t attend the event myself, many fans and members of the press did and, so, I’ve collected their impressions in this (lengthy) post.

Before beginning, I should mention that it’s prohibited to take pictures (or recordings) within the concert itself, so that’s the reason you won’t find any (or many) here.

But anything beforehand is fair game, it seems. Speaking of which, the entrance itself is rather spectacular, featuring life-size replicas of Marth and Chrom’s Falchion and Fire Emblems.

I already made a post with pictures of those, if you’re interested and missed it. Apparently, the replicas were crafted by Hato Ken, a famous weapon designer.

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25th Anniversary Concert: Falchion and Fire Emblem Replicas on Display

The first day of the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert is over.

While we wait for fans’ impressions of the concert, check out these impressive replicas that were on display at the event.

original-replaces awakening-replicas

(Pictures taken by @ryuhne01)

On the left is Archanea’s Fire Emblem (aka Binding Shield) and Falchion, wielded by Marth the Hero-King in Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem.

Meanwhile on the right is Ylisse’s Fire Emblem and Falchion, wielded by Chrom, a descendant of Marth, in Awakening.

Here’s both together:


(Picture taken by ranmafan)

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25th Anniversary Concert: New Merchandise Added

There’s less than a week to go before the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert is underway.


Earlier, the official site added an extensive list of merchandise that will be sold primarily at the concert venue. As it happens, they conveniently left out two items until now.

The first item is the “Event Official Booklet“, a 36-page A4 booklet that costs 2,500 Yen (with tax).

Inside is a discussion between Yuka Tsujiyoko and IIkuro Fujiwara, celebratory messages from those related to the event and various important plannings.


The second item is an Azura illustration sheet signed by Renka, which cannot be purchased normally.

Instead, if you purchase the Event Official Booklet and Renka’s single “if~ Hitori Omou” (the first-print or standard edition), you will be entered into a raffle for it.

By the way, if anyone is going to the concert (or knows somebody who is), please let me know!

Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert Musical Program

With just two weeks left to go, the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary event site has added a list of tracks that will be performed.


For those who can’t read Japanese, an English version of the track list is generously provided on the same page. (Which I’ve also included after the break.)

Some minor amendments:

  • “Bonds, Eternal” is the Japanese name of “Eternal Bond” from Radiant Dawn.
  • “My name is MARTH” is obviously “You may call me Marth.” from Awakening.
  • “[I] Medley” should be “[Id] Medley”.

Besides this, the voice actors of Hinata, Lazward, Saizou and Odin from Fire Emblem Fates will be present at the event’s mini drama.

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