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Heroes: Grand Hero Navarre, Banners Galore, Arena Update and More

It’s been no surprise that Fire Emblem Heroes has been a hit, but Nintendo hasn’t slowed down in giving players any updates. There’s a few things coming up, some which you may know of and some which you may not.


For starters, you may have already notice the currently active Banners joining the Spring FestivalWyvern Riders (Camilla, Beruka, Cherche and Minerva) and Pegasus Knights (Hinoka, Cordelia, Palla and Subaki).

These Banners exist to promote the next upcoming Voting Gauntlet event, Wyvern Riders vs. Pegasus Knights, running from April 5th until April 10th.

With all of these Banners coming out, it’s a shame that the two free daily Orb reward is no longer active, but hopefully something else will come out that will let us bolster our Hero roster, maybe like…

The next Grand Hero Battle!  Navarre is arriving on April 4th, and with him comes a banner tailored to defeating him and his allies, aptly titled Battling Navarre (including Effie, Sophia, Caeda and Kagero).

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Heroes: Three Additional Updates Coming in April!

The official Twitter account for Fire Emblem Heroes tweeted out some exciting announcements earlier this morning!

Previously this month, @FE_Heroes_JP announced a series of updates scheduled to arrive in April. Now, three additional updates will be arriving at the same time. These updates address a few complaints that players have had about the game in its current state.

Starting Placement

Starting with the new update, Heroes players will be able to change the starting positions of their four units at the beginning of battle! During the very first turn, before moving any units, you can tap a new “Change Positions” button along the bottom that will enable you to freely move your units.

Experience Gains

The experience formula will be tweaked slightly to enable better level progression for lower-rarity units. 1★, 2★, 3★, and 4★ units will gain more relative experience when fighting lower level units. The lower star rarity of the hero, the more EXP they’ll be able to earn from fighting weaker enemies. Experience gains for 5★ units will be unchanged.

Increased Stamina Pool

The maximum amount of Stamina available is being raised from 50 to 99 stamina. Additionally, Stamina Potions and Orbs are also being updated restore a full 99 stamina when used.

There is no set date for these updates to arrive yet, aside from sometime in April.

Heroes: Retweet Reward + Michalis Incoming + April Update Announcement

Thanks to the efforts of many, the second Global Retweet event was a success! Between the Japanese, North American and Europe accounts, fans managed beat the 50,000 requirement by a fair margin. Look forward to your 5 Orbs in-game!

Already, Nintendo are teasing the next Grand Hero Battle, which offers a chance to recruit Macedon’s ambitious King Michalis. There’s plenty of time to prepare your troops as Michalis spreads his wings from 24th March 2017.

If that wasn’t enough, four more upcoming Grand Hero Battles have also been revealed:

  • Early April – Navarre: Scarlet Sword
  • Late April – Zephiel: The Liberator
  • Early May – Xander: Paragon Knight
  • Late May – Lloyd: White Wolf

Additionally, if you’ve seen today’s in-game Notifications or you’ve been following the official Japanese Twitter account, you’ll know that some big changes are coming April. For your convenience, here they are again:

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