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Path of Radiance Design Works Arriving in July

During today’s eventful Fire Emblem Cipher Series 5 pre-release livestream, the hosts surprised us with the announcement of not one–but two Tellius art books releasing in Japan in the near future.


The first book, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Design Works Tellius Recollection (Part 1), will be releasing on 29th July 2016. As you can guess, this book covers the first game in the legendary Tellius saga, Path of Radiance.

During the livestream, new artworks of Ike and Elincia were shown and an Amazon pre-order link was conveniently provided. According to Amazon, the book will contain 256 pages and will retail for 3,456 Yen (around 33 USD).

Additionally, a corresponding Radiant Dawn art book was teased at the same time. It appears the Nintendo Dream staff will be working on these books, like they did with the 25th Anniversary Making of Fire Emblem book and official Cipher guidebooks.

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Japanese Tweets Suggest How to Fill Your Shelves

Japan has had Fire Emblem if on shelves for months now. It’s only fitting that a discount would climb out from the woodwork.


Nintendo recently posted a tweet, advertising a 50% discount on purchase of additional routes until February 29. This applies to all three, so if you own the Japanese version of one, you can complete your Fire Emblem scenario collection without too much of a dent to your wallet.

Meanwhile, Genei Ibun Roku #FE illustrator toi8 posted a tweet today advertising their new artbook.



This artbook is set to release on February 26, for ¥ 3,780. You can pre-order it on Amazon Japan, or on Kadokawa