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Smash Ultimate: Chrom Footage and FEH Music Added

We have some proper footage of Chrom in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as of yesterday, when Nintendo of Japan posted a video showcasing newcomer Chrom & veteran Lucina facing newcomers Ridley & Dark Samus of Metroid fame.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Chrom Gets His Day

In today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, we got plenty of news featuring new incoming characters, stages and more; However, one bit of news sure caught the eye of us here at the Forest.

Chrom finally has a position in the Roster, sporting an Echo Fighter origin (based on Roy). He appears to have a mix of battle styles, using moves similar to Roy’s Dancing Blade (Side-B), as well as Ike’s Aether (Up-B), so he’ll be sure to obtain interest of Fire Emblem fans as a neat, and finally playable, presence in the Smash universe. Check out his SSBU Character Page here.

*Edit; An item from the Fire Emblem universe has been added, the Killing Edge, which has more power based on its glow timing. It’s not explained how the glow is triggered/charged.

To watch the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, check out Nintendo’s YouTube V.o.d.