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Fire Emblem Engage: Japanese Overview Trailer & Commercials

With 2 weeks to go until Fire Emblem Engage launches, Nintendo Japan shared a “new” overview trailer recapping everything we’ve learned so far.

This trailer combines footage from previous trailers; namely “The Divine Dragon Awakens!”, “Engaging with Emblems”, “Welcome to the Somniel” and “My First Fire Emblem”. So if you get déjà vu, that’s why. There are a handful of new shots though, which I’ll go over near the bottom.

In addition, they shared three commercials for the game, for TV and online.

Similarly, the commercials mainly feature footage we’ve seen before, but distilled for a different purpose.

Besides that, they updated the relationship chart for the game, which I’ve translated below.

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Fire Emblem Engage: GameSpot & IGN Previews + 20s Web Commercial

Note: This is a backdated article.

On 13th December, GameSpot and IGN shared English previews of Fire Emblem Engage. These both appear to be from Chapter 5, when Alear attempts to reclaim the Firenese castle from Elusian invaders.


Since Chapter 5 is fairly early on and we’ve seen bits of it before, in Clanne’s spotlight etc., there isn’t anything massively new. However, it’s cool seeing more of the game in English, plus we have confirmation of various English names.

First, a bunch of personal skills:

  • Clanne: Verdant Faith
  • Cramme: Crimson Cheer
  • Etie: Energized
  • Boucheron: Moved to Tears
  • Vander: Alabaster Duty

Also, Vander has S Axes. It’s nice to see S weapons are back, after being absent from Three Houses.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore: Welcome to Fortuna Entertainment (+New Japanese Ads)

Can you believe that Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore is out just three weeks from now?

Nintendo from Japan is sure to remind us by launching a make-believe company profile page for Fortuna Entertainment, the production agency and hidden base of operations for the protagonists in Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Fortuna and its productions may not be real, but the page is so impressively elaborate that it’s hard not to appreciate. So we decided to transcribe the page and its contents for your convenience.

But before we get into that further, Nintendo also recently shared two short Japanese web commercials giving a quick overall look at Encore and its combat system. Check them out!

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Three Houses: Japanese Introduction Video & Commercials

In addition to the announcement of the pre-load and Expansion Pass for Three Houses, Nintendo Japan shared a new introduction video, outlining (and recapping) all the key features, as well as 4 short TV commercials.

The introduction video is the main highlight here. It’s around 9 mins long, although it mainly covers stuff that’s already been revealed via Famitsu and whatnot. However, if you look carefully, there are lots of juicy details to be found.

For the record, it’s past 2 am as I start writing this, so I’m going to avoid speculating and try to keep things matter of fact (if I can help it). Since my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity, haha.

Anyway, the start of the video is pretty much a combination of the very first and second trailers. It opens with the history of Fódlan. We see an ancient war happen, which–as far as we know–is the battle between the Divine Seiros and Nemesis the Liberation King. Afterwards, the three nations were established.

Next, it moves onto Garreg Mach Monastery, the base of the Church of Seiros, and the protagonist’s role as a newly inducted professor at the Officer’s Academy. As the protagonist steps foot in the monastery, he looks up and his eyes meet with Rhea, the Archbishop of the church. These are two scenes we’ve seen separately.

Naturally, the video then goes on to talk about the three houses. This time, when introducing the houses and their leaders, the footage in the background isn’t darkened out and more of it can be seen. Now we get to clearly see all 8 members of each house, including a pretty hilarious moment with Ingrid and Sylvain!

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