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Heroes: Heroes with Miracle Banner + Legendary Hero: Robin!

The latest skill-based banner is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summon from the Heroes with Miracle Banner for your shot at a 5★ focus units for Sigurd, Delthea, and Mist.

The Heroes with Miracle Banner will be around for about a week and a half, ending on 7 April at 6:59am UTC.

Additionally, we now have a trailer for the next upcoming Legendary Hero. Say hello to Robin: Fell Vessel! She’s a Earth Legendary flying unit equipped with Colorless Breath and some new skills. Watch her in action in the trailer here. You can also check out a breakdown of her skills and abilities below.

Her special banner begins tomorrow, and as usual, it has an 8% 5★ summoning rate with no pity breakers! The other special 5★ available in this banner are: Legendary Ike, Halloween Nowi, Zelgius, Fjorm, Brave Lucina, Lute, Gunnthrá, Summer Elise, Summer Tiki, Halloween Sakura, and Brave Lyn.

Prepare your Orbs! This banner is only around for a short time and will end on 3 April at 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Ephraim: Legendary Lord & Legendary Heroes Summoning Event Details + Water Blessing Quests!

Another Legendary Heroes Summoning Event is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes! This event features the newest Legendary Hero, Ephraim: Legendary Lord! Check him out in the trailer below:

This version of Ephraim is based on his promotion from The Sacred Stones. He’s mounted, and he wields his promotion item, the Solar Brace, as a new B skill. The fire-based aspects of his weapon are also now referenced in its name, the Flame Siegmund, as well as in the fact that Ephraim is our first Lord that comes with a Fire Blessing.

An assortment of popular and/or limited heroes will also be available! Along with Ephraim, you can also summon: Legendary Ike, Mia, Summer Leo, Summer Corrin, Shiro, Gunnthrá, Dorcas, Brave Ike, Jaffar, Summer Gaius, and Performing Arts Olivia. The rate for 5★ heroes is raised to 8% for this banner, and no off-focus units will be available.

This newest Legendary Heroes event starts tomorrow, 28 February and runs through 5 March. Best of luck adding some new heroes to your team!

Additionally, a new series of quests is now available! The Water Blessing Quests require you to use a hero with a Water Blessing to complete a series of tasks. You can earn up to five Orbs as well as some other prizes. Check out the full quest listing in game.

Now is a great time to pass out Water Blessings if you haven’t already, as they will be important in the upcoming Blessed Gardens game mode. The new game mode will be available after the next version update sometime in early March.

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Heroes: New Heroes Revealed in Sacred Memories Preview Trailer + Manga Update!

Five new units from The Sacred Stones will soon be making their way to Fire Emblem Heroes! The first three of these units were revealed today in the Sacred Memories Preview Trailer. Check it out here:

These three units include Myrrh, a flying Green Breath user who also introduces the Hone Dragons skill; L’Arachel, wielding the sacred tome Ivaldi; and Eirika, mounted and wielding the dark tome Gleipnir. You can take a look at all of their skills and abilities below.

These three units will be arriving with a new story chapter as well, “Fiery Resolve“, wherein the Order of Heroes is making its way closer to Nifl through the desert. Between these chapters and another Log-In Bonus, Heroes players should be getting a fair amount of additional Orbs to try and summon these new units!

Two more TSS characters will also be coming to the game soon. Lyon: Shadow Prince will be arriving in a Grand Hero Battle starting on Friday. Marisa: Crimson Flash will be the hero reward for the next Tempest Trials, which starts next Wednesday.

The Sacred Memories banner will officially go live tomorrow, 25 January, at 7:00am UTC.

Additionally, the next update to the Heroes manga came out today! As always, thanks to Serenes Forest forum users Coolmanio and Linkmstr for the translation.

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Heroes: World of Dawn Preview Trailer, 2.1 Update, and Manga Update!

It’s an exciting day for Tellius fans in Fire Emblem Heroes! The World of Dawn preview trailer shows off a few new characters from Radiant Dawn joining the game. Check it out!

The latest characters joining the game are Micaiah, Sothe, and Zelgius. Each comes equipped with a new weapon and at least one other new skill. You can see a full listing of all characters’ skills and abilities below.

The World of Dawn banner will go live tomorrow, 12 January, at 7:00am UTC. A new story chapter called “Guided by a Dream” will also come out then. We’ll also be seeing Oliver in the newest Grand Hero Battle! You’ll be able to challenge him starting on Sunday, January 14th.

Additionally, Update 2.1 is also live! The game will prompt you to download the new update when you load it up next.

Update 2.1 brings a few new things to the game including an increased Hero Merit cap, the ability to check maps before battle, new forges for Cymbeline and Parthia, a new type of Terrain in arena maps, and more! You can see a full listing of all updates at the bottom of the article.

Finally, Part 8 of the Heroes manga is now available! As always, thanks to Serenes Forest forum users Coolmanio and Linkmstr for the translation.

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