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Heroes: Preview Trailer for Children of Fate Banner + New Monthly Quests & Voting Gauntlet Preview!

Another Summoning Focus will be arriving soon in Fire Emblem Heroes! Nintendo Mobile has released a new preview trailer for the upcoming Children of Fate banner. Check it out below!

The banner contains new 5★ heroes for three of the children units from Fire Emblem Fates: Soleil, Shiro, and Siegbert. Each comes with a new weapon and at least one other new skill. Check out their details below! The banner will be available starting on Monday, 4 December.

Additionally, the trailer contains a teaser for one other child of fate that will be releasing soon: Rhajat. Rhajat does not appear in this banner, instead making her debut in one of two banners for the upcoming Enduring Love Voting Gauntlet.

The other three characters that will appear in this banner along with Rhajat are Tharja, Faye, and Priscilla. We don’t yet know who the other four characters in the gauntlet will be. Both banners will be available starting tomorrow, 2nd December, with the Gauntlet itself starting on the 6th after the Tempest Trials have concluded.

Finally, a new month also means new monthly quests! 3 new December Quests are available in game, waiting to reward you with Orbs, Hero Feathers, and other goodies. Check out the full quest listing below.

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Heroes: Fjorm: Princess of Ice Introductory Video + Legendary Heroes & Maintenance Reminder

Nintendo Mobile has posted a new Fire Emblem Heroes video! This video formally introduces the new Heroes original character Fjorm: Princess of Ice. Check it out below!

Fjorm looks to be a very powerful new hero. You can take a look at a full breakdown of her skills and abilities below. She will be available in the new Legendary Hero summoning event that starts tomorrow! The end of the video also includes an interesting bit of text regarding Fjorm and future Legendary Hero events…

Fjorm: Princess of Ice will only be available to summon during Legendary Hero summoning events. The next time she is planned to be available is around the end of December.

So, it looks like we may get a new Legendary Hero summoning event around New Years! These will likely become recurring events. More heroes limited to these events will almost certainly arrive in the future. Regardless, you can look forward to another special summoning event in a little over a month.

Our first Legendary Hero summoning event starts in a little under 24 hours at 7:00am UTC on 28 November. It will end on 4 December at 6:59am UTC. In addition to Fjorm, the banner includes several more powerful 5★ heroes at a base summoning rate of 8%! These are the only 5★ heroes that will be available to summon in this banner.

As a reminder, Heroes maintenance will be going into effect later today, in preparation for the upcoming Version 2.0 update. It will start at 11:00pm UTC tonight, in around 15.5 hours, and is scheduled to last around five hours. For a preview of all the cool stuff that will come out with the new update, check out our earlier article.

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Heroes: Preview Trailer for World of Holy War Banner + Sacred Coin Quests!

Prepare for new characters from Genealogy of the Holy War to appear in Fire Emblem Heroes! Nintendo Mobile has just shared a preview trailer for the latest World of Holy War Banner! Check it out here:

Three characters will be appearing as new 5★ heroes in the banner: Sigurd, Deirdre, and Tailtiu. Each of them comes with at least one new weapon or skill. You can read a full listing of all units’ skills and abilities below.

A new paralogue story, also called World of Holy War, also comes out at the same time. A fourth Genealogy character, Ayra, appears in a screenshot of the map. Perhaps she’ll be a reward in an upcoming Tempest Trials?

The World of Holy War Banner and its paralogue will both go live on Monday, 16 October, at 7:00am UTC.

Sacred Coin Quests also available starting today! Defeat foes using different colours and types of units to earn Sacred Coins and Great Badges. Both items are useful to forge and upgrade Sacred Seals in the new Sacred Forge. You can see the full quest listing below.

Additionally, we’ve just entered the final round of The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet! Ninian and Female Corrin have both advanced to the finals, which will end on Sunday the 15th at 3:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Performing Arts Preview Trailer!

Get ready to dance and sing along with four new Special Heroes in the upcoming banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! Heroes has just shared the Performing Arts preview trailer to showcase these new characters in all their glory. Check it out below!

The Performing Arts summoning focus contains special, limited versions of Olivia, Inigo, Azura, and Shigure. Each hero comes with a new weapon and at least one other new skill. Additionally, every single one comes with a Sing or Dance assist skill to help your units in battle, and a way to enhance those skills! Check out full unit details below.

A new paralogue, also called Performing Arts, will release at the same time. @FE_Heroes_JP has also confirmed that we’ll get a new log-in bonus as well!

The new banner starts tomorrow at 7:00am UTC and, like other Special Hero banners, will last a full month until 30 October.

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