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Heroes: CYL 3 Trailer Drops, Brave Heroes Available Aug 16. Tempest Trials+ Banner and Daily “Fury” Banner Kick Off. Sigrun Revealed as TT+ Prize on Aug 17.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Choose Your Legends 3 winners, you’ll remember that  the top four include Camilla, Eliwood, Micaiah and Alm. Their official trailer was dropped today, and it brings light to a few unsolved mysteries from the Feh Channel update that revealed the first place winners with their new skills.

Click here for the Japanese trailer.

Details covered in my announcement post still remain true on the crew, but there’s no harm in referencing anyway. More importantly, coming with the heroes includes the next paralogue series, Brave Echoes, which will certainly bring about some much desired Orbs for summoning a hero from this mighty batch. It kicks off on August 16 at Midnight, and runs with a free Hero of your choice, as well as with a summonable batch.

That’s not all, though. The next Tempest Trials+ event, A Hero’s Mettle, is announced, and starting today, it’s dedicated banner is underway. This one comes with a Summoning Focus banner featuring the Ike, Micaiah and Sanaki (all 3 being the original releases). Additionally, the reward unit in this event is the blue lance flier, Sigrun: Loyal Protector. Summoners can also score the Sturdy Blow 1, Atk Tactic 1 and Earth Boost 1 Sacred Seals during this event. Sigrun herself is a available in the typical 4 and 5 star forme, and brings with her a Reprisal Lance+ weapon, Swap, Def/Res Link 3 and Hone Fliers. The TT+ event starts on August 17.

Finally, Heroes with Fury is the next daily banner, and it’s up right now. It features Myrrh, Chrom (Exalt) and Eldigan. This will run for well…24 hours, as per the other dailies, so if you’re looking to +10 a strong cavalry or a Myrrh, now’s your chance.

For full details on the units, click Read More.

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Heroes: Next Legendary Hero Leaked, Surprise Feh Channel Drops with CYL3 News & More

Today, a lot of news came to Summoners, possibly courtesy of Naga herself, or perhaps just a silly Intern-kun. Regardless of why we have the news, we sure have a lot of it. What, dare you ask? Well, read the header! A Feh Channel video was just dropped, completely out of the blue, highlighting upcoming events and rewards, as well as the new Lost Lore mode, and the Choose Your Legends 3 units, in all of their glory, both skills and stats, minus one skill…

Additionally, just a few hours before that, news on the next Legendary Hero was announced. Their announcement was not typical, as it was posted about in the app’s Bulletin Board, but removed shortly thereafter, presumably because it was posted ahead of schedule (which makes sense, given the date range that the banner will be running). Of course, as a Legendary Hero, present will be the usual batch of 8% summonable units. The Legendary Hero banner will run from August 28 until September 4. I’ll cover the Legendary unit, their Skills and incoming partner units at the very bottom of this article.

Feh’s Summer Celebration kicks off on August 2, celebrating exactly 2.5 years, by bringing back a bunch of rewards for Summoners, like new maps and revived GHB banners. That’s not all, as Feh shares news on a new gameplay mode, and the much anticipated Choose Your Legends 3 winners. Let’s quit the fluff, and dive right in!

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

Much like the daily maps that come every now and again, new maps are returning, based on the recent popularity contest offered by the developers. These will bring about 10 maps, that offer an orb for each Normal and Hard mode completion.

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Heroes: Klein & Clarine BHB Revival, free CYL1 Summon ending, and more

Today in Heroes, we see a revival of the Bound Hero Battle: Klein & Clarine!

If you missed this BHB in the past, you now have a chance to challenge it and claim up to 9 Orbs for defeating difficulties hard through Infernal. There are also quests for you to complete to earn up to an additional 5 Orbs.

This BHB will come to an end on the 3rd of August, 6:59am UTC.

Click on “Read more” below to read up on the rest of today’s FEH news.

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Heroes: Choose Your Legends 3 Winners Revealed!

It’s been a few days since the final day of the third Choose Your Legends voting came to a close, but the wait is now over. Your four CYL 2019 winners are as follows:

Click to enlarge

Alm, Micaiah, Eliwood, and Camilla rise above the rest! These four will be next in line to receive Brave variants (or “special Choose Your Legends outfits,” as they are called in official notifications). So, start saving those Orbs soon if you intend to fully merge at least one of them!

Female Heroes:
1st: Micaiah (Radiant Dawn) – 54,343 votes
2nd: Camilla (Fates) – 46,741 votes

Male Heroes:
1st: Alm (Gaiden / Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) – 62,216 votes
2nd: Eliwood (Blazing Blade) – 44,687 votes

If you wish to see how your favourite characters placed, you can visit the official CYL3 results page here: https://vote3.campaigns.fire-emblem-heroes.com/results

Even hours before the results were officially revealed (at 3:00AM UTC), the results were kind-of leaked when someone decided to check the CSS for the official CYL3 page. By searching for “.results-stand”, you can find URL ends within the code which will link to character images when placed at the end of the main CYL3 homepage link.

That’s not today’s only news! We also have a new banner to summon from. The “Heroes with Link Skills” banner is here:

These three heroes – Laevatein: Searing Steel, Sumia: Maid of Flowers, and Nina: Eye Spy – each have their own variant of a Link skill as part of their kit. Summon if you want the characters of the skills for inheritance.

Or, start saving those Orbs for a fully merged Brave Eliwood.