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Nintendo shows ‘A Master Class in Strategy’ for English Echoes

Today, Nintendo launched a new video for Echoes, as a counterpart to the Japanese introduction trailer which we analysed here (do note some theories have changed since the game’s Japanese release).

The trailer begins by going briefly over the childhood connection between the two protagonists–Alm and Celica–before heading into gameplay territory.

We see the world map system, which those of you familiar with The Sacred Stones and Awakening etc. will be very at home with. You can move around and fight wandering enemy parties or advance the plot at your pace. Then we get a class roll call

Dread Fighter, which made its debut in Gaiden is here in full force; it’s the 3rd tier in the Mercenary line and provides quite a bit of Resistance. Unlike its recent appearances in Awakening and Fates, it’s locked to swords. Read more

Fire Emblem Echoes: New Site and New Video

A few days ago, we were given update that a new Official web-site exists for Fire Emblem Echoes, featuring Shadow of Valentia. This site is just a preview of what’s to come, and it shows; the site is rather barebones. However, the main trailer and several screenshots are available on the site, so there’s definitely something a few things worth checking out.

For bigger news, Nintendo shared a new video for the game today, highlighting new dialogue and showing off more excellent animation and what looks to be a much more developed story from the original.

Vestaria Saga: Second Trailer

With just a few months before its release, Shouzou Kaga released a second trailer for his free indie title, Vestaria Saga I: The Exiled Knight and the Star Maiden.

Note: All images belong to Shouzou Kaga.

The last time we had a trailer was back in August 2015, at which point the game was roughly 10% complete. Fast forward around 9 months and the game (the first part) is now 90% complete, with just a few graphics to be finalised.

According to Kaga, roughly 15 volunteers contributed to the Vestaria Project. The expected release date for the first part is August/September 2016; when complete, it will be released as free software.

The trailer itself opens with a nostalgic world map scene depicting the events that lead up to the war. In June of 1024, officials traveling from the Solvian Empire were caught in a boat fire at the Meledan port of Frist.

Read more

Two New Trailers for Genei Ibun Roku #FE

Japan has unveiled not one, but two new commercial trailers for the upcoming Wii U title, Genei Ibun Roku #FE. While not much in the way of new information has appeared, some stunning visuals are included in these one and three minute trailers.