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Heroes: Version 2.6 Update Notification + Voting Gauntlet Announcement!

After the day’s earlier preview trailer, we weren’t expecting much else new with Heroes today. However, the game decided to drop down the Version 2.6 Update Notification! Read on below for more details of what we can expect for the next update in early June.

The Version 2.6 Update will bring a lot of new things to the game. Some of the bigger changes include an expanded Allies menu, changes to Arena Assault scoring, and the addition of Accessories! The update also brings some expected enhancements, such as further additions to the Weapon Refinery, and more smaller changes as well.

Once again, Heroes will have a maintenance period before the update goes live. It’s scheduled to begin at 10:00pm UTC on Thursday, 7 June. The update download will go live as soon as maintenance is over.

Additionally, the upcoming Voting Gauntlet: Heroes & Legends has been formally revealed! It features the four free Heroes original characters duking it out against four legendary heroes. Check out the bracket below:

The Voting Gauntlet begins this Friday, 1 June, and will last through the 7th. A special Log-In Bonus to celebrate the upcoming event also began today. Since the five summonable heroes in this Gauntlet are only available via Legendary Hero summoning events, we may not get a separate Voting Gauntlet banner. May the best hero win!

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Heroes: Version 2.5 Update Now Live!

After a somewhat lengthy maintenance period, the Version 2.5 Update is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! The game will prompt you to go to the Play Store or App Store to download the update the next time you load it up.

Heroes already shared information about of many of the update’s changes in last week’s Update Notification. However, you can take a look further below for a look at some details, including the new weapon refine options available for Camilla, Clair, and Male Corrin. Squad Assault 10 is also now available.

Additionally, the game is also giving all Heroes players a Thanks For Playing Gift! You can pick up the gift from Feh at your earliest convenience. It includes:

  • 4★ Takumi: Wild Card
  • 13,200 Hero Feathers
  • Assorted Badges: 60 Scarlet, 30 Azure, 30 Verdant, 60 Transparent
  • Assorted Shards: 20,432 Scarlet, 10,216 Azure, 10,216 Azure, 20,432 Transparent

These gifts are meant to compensate existing players for incoming changes to the game’s tutorial content. If you have already upgraded any starting heroes to 4★, this functions as reimbursement. Otherwise, you now have the materials to do so for free.

Click on the Read More link to take a details look at the Version 2.5 Update contents, or load up the game and take a look for yourself!

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Heroes: Version 2.3 Update: Rival Domains, Blessed Gardens, and More!

The Version 2.3 Update is now available for Fire Emblem Heroes! This update brings a whole host of new features to the game. You may need to manually update the game via your phone’s app program to access the update. As of the time of writing, it is not yet live for iOS users, but is available for Android users.

The most exciting and noteworthy additions in this update are two new game modes: Rival Domains and Blessed Gardens. Read out further below for a deeper look at these new modes.

We also get a host of smaller updates, including Weapon Refinery enhancements for three heroes’ weapons: Eirika’s Sieglinde, Leo’s Brynhildr, and Soren‘s new tome Wind’s Brand. All three weapons can now learn a special, unique skill upon refinement.

Other small changes include:

  • The ability to see the player’s name when looking their hero’s detailed stats screen, such as in the arena or friend’s list.
  • All players will be able to re-battle immediately in the next Voting Gauntlet if they lose their match.
  • You can now choose whether or not Merges count as levels when using the “Sort by Level” function in the Allies menu. The new option can be toggled on oor off in the settings menu.
  • A Colorless Dragon is hinted to be added to the game in the future.
  • Squad Assault 8 is now available.

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Heroes: World of Dawn Preview Trailer, 2.1 Update, and Manga Update!

It’s an exciting day for Tellius fans in Fire Emblem Heroes! The World of Dawn preview trailer shows off a few new characters from Radiant Dawn joining the game. Check it out!

The latest characters joining the game are Micaiah, Sothe, and Zelgius. Each comes equipped with a new weapon and at least one other new skill. You can see a full listing of all characters’ skills and abilities below.

The World of Dawn banner will go live tomorrow, 12 January, at 7:00am UTC. A new story chapter called “Guided by a Dream” will also come out then. We’ll also be seeing Oliver in the newest Grand Hero Battle! You’ll be able to challenge him starting on Sunday, January 14th.

Additionally, Update 2.1 is also live! The game will prompt you to download the new update when you load it up next.

Update 2.1 brings a few new things to the game including an increased Hero Merit cap, the ability to check maps before battle, new forges for Cymbeline and Parthia, a new type of Terrain in arena maps, and more! You can see a full listing of all updates at the bottom of the article.

Finally, Part 8 of the Heroes manga is now available! As always, thanks to Serenes Forest forum users Coolmanio and Linkmstr for the translation.

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